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A Survivor's Journal

by Mildred D. Muhammad

There are many 'emotions' within us regarding domestic violence that need to be expressed for true healing to begin. The partial sentences within this journal are to help you to unlock the door within self, that has behind it all the pain of guilt, shame, fear, anger, anxiety, and other feelings you've been afraid to confront.

As the former wife of John Allen Muhammad, the convicted DC Sniper, I've felt no one could handle my 'emotions'. I knew I had to get them outside of myself to heal. I began journaling and found more emotions I didn't realize existed. I couldn't tell anyone because I felt ashamed, guilty, and thought no one would believe me anyway. But...writing them down gave me the opportunity to truly focus on my pain and how these emotions were affecting my everyday living.

I'm so thankful to God for giving me the inspiration and guidance to share this journaling process with you. It is a long journey, however, it is worth the trip.

Included in the journal: a comprehensive safety plan, 50 State Coalition listing, VINE information, websites for men, and victim/survivor assistance resource information.

Proceeds from the journal will help to continue the work in assisting survivors of domestic violence.

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